Water Testing for your Spa and Pool

In-store water testing for your spa and pool!

Bring in a water sample for the most thorough and accurate results.  


Spa pools:

  • Take a water sample from the middle of your spa. 
  • Use a clean vessel.
  • Do not take the sample near any of the jets.   
  • Take sample to store once a month for a professional test.
  • Use spa test strips for quick and easy result at least once a week.  Test whenever you add chemicals.  And test more often if your spa gets a lot of use or it's been rained on.
  • Water should be changed a minimum of every six to twelve weeks.
  • Filter cartridge should be cleaned every 4 weeks.



  • Collect a sample from about an arm's length under the water surface and bring it in for a complete in-store analysis.
  • Use test strips at least twice a week during the summer months to make sure the chemical levels stay correct.  The frequency of testing changes as the season and weather conditions change.