Why Choose a Formeleisure Spa?

Soak your worries away in a Formelesiure Spa and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy resulting in less aches and pains, a better nights sleep and the choice to have hours of fun with family and friends. Let the good times begin.

A Formeleisure spa is sure to enhance the landscape around your house or holiday home with its good looks and durability designed to last. Make the smart lifestyle choice with formeleisure and you won't be dissappointed!

As we are the manufacturer, our factory-direct prices mean you can enjoy a spa in your home for thousands of dollars less than our competitors’ prices.

The savings achieved by using quality and tough materials is further enhanced by keeping your spa and tub at the perfect temperature for less. The insulation system delivers you class leading insulating thermal properties which saves you money. This system, used in conjunction with the polyethylene shell (polyethylene is a heat insulator) and the stylish and thermally efficient deluxe spa cover will help drive your dollar further.

Our spas are manufactured from durable materials that stand the test of time and continue to look good after many years of use. The polyethylene material used to create the shell is a reasonably priced and extremely durable plastic that is virtually indestructible. It won't chip or break. It is recognised for its strength and its ability to retain its shape. A spa made from polyethylene is one piece. Structurally, it is stronger than traditional spa material and other than a quick wash of the surface with soap and water, there is virtually zero maintenance to polyethylene. Polyethylene also contains a UV stabiliser, which protects it from long-term degradation caused the sun's harmful rays.

Polyethylene is classified as an "inert" material. That means you can't dissolve it and that it won't react with other chemicals, including those used to sanitise and maintain a spa. And because it will not hold bacteria, polyethylene is also one of only a few select plastics that the FDA has approved for use with food.

Designed and manufactured in our own factory to be simple, durable and long-lasting, our spas are designed so you can begin immersing yourself in a rejuvenating spa experience within hours of delivery. It’s so simple – put into place, fill with water, plug in, and enjoy.

You can rest easy with a Formeleisure spa as they come backed with a comprehensive warranty providing five years on the workmanship and materials of the durable shell, two years on the plumbing, piping and fittings, two years on the electrical componentry and three years on the hard lockable cover.